Family Announcements

This page this for family announcements – births, deaths and marriages.

Please let me know if you have any announcements to add.

  • Mary (Molly) Welander reached her 100th birthday on March 13th 2017
  • David Charles St Vincent Welander died on 12 August 2016 aged 91
  • Oliver Nicholas Wenn born on 10th June 2016 to Danny Wenn and Melanie Price
  • Catherine Olga Stuart Street (née Welander) died on 6th January 2014 aged 95
  • Dorothy (‘Tim’) Loutit (née Wrake) died on 30th October 2013 aged 89
  • Elizabeth Laura Monica (‘Betty’) McCausland died on 10th August 2013 aged 97
  • Emily Bland-Covill (née Wrake) died on 14th December 2012 aged 93
  • John ‘Run’ Wrake died on 21st October 2012 in Kent aged 49
  • Franklin Nicholas Price born on 13th May 2012 to John Price and Jo Frayling
  • Nona Welander (née Vine) died on 13th January 2012 aged 63
  • John Ernest Alexis Welander died on 17th December 2011 aged 91