Panter Party 2011

The 2011 Panter party was held today at the Dorset family venue for the fourth time (also in 2001, 1991 and 1981). Over 100 family members attended from all over the world who represented every branch of the family.

After the church service at midday, the guests mingled back at the house and could browse a collection of various family memorabilia, portraits and a family tree with all known members going back to John Leach Panter. We also had a private air display over the house during the afternoon.

After a much-needed buffet, the family managed to pull together into a group so a photo could be taken to record the event for posterity (see below).

The event was magnificently organised again by Christabel Panter, who managed to stick name badge on everyone to help with the hellos, but who unfortunately acquired a nasty gash on her leg from a step just before the photo was taken.

Official photo:


Click on the photo for a larger view, and contact me if you want a full size version of the JPG.


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Japanese pond