The families

This site includes several families trees which are linked to the core Panter family – Welander, Wrake, Wrench, Bellhouse, McCausland, Downes, Leach, Remphrey and others.


The heart of this website is the Panter family, primarily the descendants of John Leach Panter and his wife Sarah Downes. In 1851 they held a Jubilee party in the family house in Fulham, London, UK on their 50th Wedding anniversary, and ever since we have had regular family parties. This website aims to bring together all those descendants and share information about our history.

JLP wrote an extensive memoir was transcribed and published privately within the family. JLP believed very strongly in family values and no doubt would be proud of the family gatherings that have taken place to date. After the 1851 Jubilee party, there were anniversary parties in 1951 in the UK and Australia, and from 1981, every ten years in the UK – 1991, 2001 and 2011.


The Downes family link to the Panter family as Sarah Downes married John Leach Panter in 1801 and form the central family of this website.

The Downes ancestry was extended by the grandfather of Wharton Lang and traced back to King Edward 1st of England. Sarah’s brother Edward was the last of the male line so this branch of the Downes was made extinct on his death in 1819.

See this article for more info on the Downes heritage.


The Welanders family on this site are all descendants of Karl Alexius WELANDER and Hilma BROLING – our oldest known ancestors.

There is an oral family story that Karl Alexius Welander was born to one Swedish family but was brought up in the care of a family named Wennerholm whereupon he was given the new surname Welander. In 1983 Leslie Welander, one of his grandsons, contacted the Swedish Records Office who told him that Karl became an Inn-keeper in Orebro and later a Merchant and married Hilma Broling, the daughter of a judge. [1]
As Karl’s parents were not named Welander, we have no connection to any other Welander families.

The fifth son of Karl and Hilma was Karl Ernst Sven Hjalmar Welander (1886-1956, known as Sven).

Karl (‘Sven’) Welander moved to England before WW1 and settled near Rugby where he worked as an Electrical Engineer. Sven met and married Louisa Georgina Downes Panter (1889-1979, daughter of John Arthur Panter) in 1914.

There a Closed Facebook group for Welander news and info, let me know if you are a Welander relative and would like access.